Shiloh, Lead Horse, Zion Stage Line

Shiloh in Action

All About Shiloh

Name: Shiloh

Category: Lead Horse

Sex: Gelding

Birth Year: 2013

Color: Palomino

Height: 14 Hands

Breeding Area: Cutbank, Montana

About Me

I am Shiloh. I was born out on the prairie in Cutbank, Montana. I don’t remember much about those years except that I was running free. One day a group of cowboys and cowgirls came to have a look around and choose some horses to train for their stagecoach. I was kind of scrawny and had a bit of an attitude but they must have seen beyond that and took me as their own. They gave me a new name “Shiloh” pronounced She low. We were still too young to ride and needed time to grow but they began to teach me manners and how to act around people. I soon found out what a harness was and that I would be priviledged to be part of a four horse team. It took some time but we all became fast friends and thought it was rather exciting to head out to town with a wagon or do our part in the latest movie, (which, by the way, you can purchase right here on On my off time I enjoy running with my buddies and eating apples, carrots and cornstalks. Hope to see you soon!