Red, Wheel Horse, Zion Stage Line

Red in Action

All About Red

Name: Red

Category: Wheel Horse

Sex: Gelding

Birth Year: 2013

Color: Sorrel

Height: 14 Hands

Breeding Area: Bitterroot Valley, Montana

About Me

I am Red, better know as “Hi Ed”. I came to the Strains as a horse for training. My trainer was the one you see on my back, Ezekiel. I was wild and needed a lot of training but soon got the hang of it and we became fast friends. So much so that the owner gave me to Ezekiel. I was just a riding horse but was needed for a replacement for the stagecoach for an upcoming movie. Only a week before the movie was to be filmed I began training to pull a stagecoach. I must have done okay because now I am part of the team, alongside Samaria. I also love apples, carrots and cornstalks. See you on the coach!

Red, Wheel Horse, Zion Stage Line
Red, Wheel Horse, Zion Stage Line