Samaria, Left Wheeler, Zion Stage Line

Samaria in Action

All About Samaria

Name: Samaria

Category: Left Wheeler

Sex: Mare

Birth Year: 2013

Color: Palamino

Height: 14 Hands

Breeding Area: Cutbank, Montana

About Me

Hi, I am Samaria! I am well loved and gentle. I was also born in Cutbank, Montana and was chosen to be part of the team. Like the others, I had to gain some weight and grow a bit before I would be ready to pull a stagecoach. But with a lot of practice we soon became a working team. Team work and listening to the voice commands of our drivers is essential to have smooth and safe rides for you all. So, we hope you come and enjoy a ride or two whether for pictures, a wedding or any other special event you may be hosting. Don’t forget the apples now!

Cuckle, Lead Horse, Zion Stage Line
Cuckle, Lead Horse, Zion Stage Line