Cuckle, Lead Horse, Zion Stage Line

Cuckle in Action

All About Cuckles

Name: Cuckle (Blue Eyes)

Category: Lead Horse

Sex: Gelding

Birth Year: 2011

Color: Cremello Paint

Height: 14 Hands

Breeding Area: Cutbank, Montana

About Me

I am Cuckle (Hebrew for Blue Eyes). One day, several young people came to look over some horses. They were looking to buy some young horses that they could start and work with for future teams for their stagecoach. They had their hearts set on a four up of Palominos and me…well I was a Cremello. That means that I am mostly white, but in the summer months, I turn into a light colored paint horse. I was so happy when they chose me anyway and we were on our way to our new home.

After having some time to grow a bit more, they began to teach me how to listen to things like, “step up; gee over” and so on. The other horses and I were all a bit bucky and even managed to get a few of these young people off our backs! After a while all of us settled in to the fact that this could be a bit fun. So here I am, chosen to be one of the lead horses for our team. I hope you enjoy your ride as much as we enjoy bringing you a smile!

P.S. I really love apples!

Cuckle, Lead Horse, Zion Stage Line
Cuckle, Lead Horse, Zion Stage Line