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New Horses for the Coach

It is quite an undertaking to purchase new, untrained horses for your coach and turn them into well trained, trustworthy, dependable horses. Since we had sold our coach horses to purchase a coach, now came the challenge of finding another two teams to take their place. We searched and found four unbroken and wild horses. Perfect…now for the work. First they needed to grow a bit and put on some weight; then they would be worked with and eventually harnessed and taught to listen to voice commands to pull the coach.

These horses were featured in the movie on our home page, “Return to Zion Ranch”, directed by home schooled friends and family. It was entered in the International Film Festival in Orlando, Florida and was nominated as one of the top ten most inspirational movies out of 500 entries. We hope you will check it out in our Mercantile.

Our young guys and gals work six days a week with horses and these wagon ones were no exception. They wanted them to be free from the possibility of spooking at sounds, people, cars, or any other kind of surprise out there. So the treks to our small community became a common site. Pulling up to the gas station and picking up a can of fuel for the tractor was pretty entertaining. Over time, our horses have become an integral part of our team. They have been around every sound possible and love children and adults alike. In the video above you can see some of the abilities of our horses as trained by Tikvah Strain.

Come and join us as you experience a ride back in time.